University SWPS



Organizing University: SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities,

SWPS is a new, and the only  private university in Poland. We are 20 years of age. With 8,000 psychology students in MA programs, spread at 5 campuses around Poland, University SWPS is possibly the  largest psychology school in the world. 1,500 graduates leave our University each year with Master degree in Psychology. We have also an extended, 4-year PhD program, as well as habilitation (post-doctoral degree) privileges.

I distributed among the EC members  (during the San Cristobal_2015 North American Regional Conference) brochures about the Warsaw Campus of our university. We have limitless access to all size lecture halls ranging from 500 auditoria through medium size (100-200), to small seminar rooms (50 persons). [You can consult our web page in the internet:, in English, Russian and in Turkish.] All lecture halls have state of the arts  facilities for power point presentations and are equipped with high quality  sound system. Wireless internet connection, printers, technical and administrative assistance will be fully available and free. The Conference will be hosted all free of charge.

Cafeteria, coffee shops will be at our disposal. Our university has become an international institution with about 10% students being not Poles. What it means in practice  is that the food menus are diversified according to cultural tastes and religious restrictions (kosher, halal, vegetarian, and lactose intolerant). Also, English has become the second language of the university (B.A., and M.A. programs in psychology are run in English); while Turkish, and Russian is serviceable with students-assistants at the International Office. A trained group of about 30 international, multilingual students will assist us at running the conference (reminding those who were well memorized a generation ago, in Pułtusk 2000).

There will be plenty space for informal meetings and for all type of meetings to be held by IACCP bodies such as EC, Communications and Publications Committee, etc.  Arrangements will be made according to needs. However, the number of such formal activities is envisaged to be less than during biennial General Congresses.

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