Warsaw City

The capital of Poland  is a very quickly growing and developing modern European metropolis with 2,5 million residents. Those who attended the Pułtusk Congress in 2000, will find the unbelievable pace of change during the past 17 years.  Warsaw is the dominant center of academic life in Poland: 250,000 students attend its 78 institutions of tertiary learning.     Warsaw offers interesting cultural events, and is worth visiting in summer time. Warsaw is also estimated as one of the most economical capitals in EUROPE.  According to TOP15 (2014), one day in Warsaw would cost you PLN112.00 (EURO 28.00).

Warsaw is easily accessible by air-flights with two international airports, rapid train connections from the East and the West, and by highways, A1 North-South, and A2 East-West.

Warsaw has one of better public transport system in Europe (our international students praise it!). All places are easily accessible by tram, bus or metro, until midnight. The stops are announced in English; English is also widely spoken on downtown sidewalks Warsaw is also a safe city. It is not dangerous to walk anywhere nearby to the campus or to explore the city.

Warsaw downtown
Warsaw business district at sunny day. Aerial View.

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