Useful information

All cross – cultural psychologists, including students working for degrees in our field  and other interested colleagues, are invited to submit their contributions belonging to the domain of cross-cultural psychology. The list of sub-domains is given along with submission forms.

In accordance with general directives adopted by IACCP, participants are informed of a  One first author – One submission rule. The rule should be understood that any participant is allowed to one submission where s/he is the first author. [Second or lower authorships are not limited.]

Following forms of submissions are solicited:

  • Symposia, build around one overriding theme and grouping 4-5 presentations, with a possible discussant declared by the convener. A symposium is a 90 min. session. Double sessions on particularly important themes may be considered. Panelists from three different universities and diverse countries are required for a symposium proposal.
  • Individual papers. These contributions may have one author or a number of co-authors, presenting a joint project.
  • Poster papers. These are usually student (MA, PhD) contributions, often co-authored by the supervisor. Junior researchers are encouraged to participate. As is usually the case, there will be a competition for the best poster.
  • Moderated round-table sessions. Since our Conference will address some of the most burning issues for Europe today, there should be space open for debates pertaining to refugee  adaptation and acculturation, multiculturalism, ethnic/national conflicts, and identities. Like symposia, such debates should gather international and possibly interdisciplinary panels.  Conveners-moderators are cautioned to concentrate on providing academic and not political presentations.